Centurion brings technology and business solutions to the public sector as a Women-Owned Small Business engaging as a prime, subcontractor, and/or teammate with multiple civilian and health federal agencies. Centurion’s leadership has serviced the public sector for a combined 40+ years in guiding large scale IT Projects and Professional Service offerings to a vast array of state and federal clients and programs spanning multiple Civilian, DoD, Intel, and DHS contracts.
We service our clients with time-learned best practices to ensure their organization's collective success by delivering coaching, management consulting, and training services for the professional services and staffing industry. Using research, collaborative analysis, and advisement, we help make our clients lives better in raising their businesses performance more effectively and efficiently. Over the course of the engagement, we focus consistently on 5 Key questions: Who, What, Why, When, and Where, then ensure valuable guidance with How and How Much in the implementation. Through a combination of assessment and/or development, we offer relevant insight, guidance, and solutions so our clients can establish the right approach for their organization.
Centurion services Commercial and Private Sector with IT Services and Solutions, developed from three decades of experience and time-tested best practices. With an tenured industry understanding of what it takes to build and manage successful IT Services and Staffing firms, we invite you to learn more about our offerings. There is no one-size-fits-all - each business scenario may need a different solution. Centurion has the flexibility to support your hiring needs through various options. Our approach in servicing client companies and hiring managers is focused around a tailored approach to engagement.


Social Security Administration (SSA) - ITSSC & ITSSC2

Deploy senior Certified Agile Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Project Managers to support the program with individual and team coaching, organizational development, Agile transformation, cultural change and conflict management.

Social Security Administration (SSA) – ITSSC2

Subcontract teammate for digital modernization of SSA’s information systems, across the full software and systems development lifecycle, including activities for software improvement and web/interface, database and data administration, software engineering and management support, systems administration and systems security support.

U.S. Census Bureau (USCB)

Subcontract teammate on 2020 Decennial Census – Development and Engineering of DevOps activities for applications, and web-based software and DevOps Community of Practice. Support an integration of over 30 operational components and close to 100 supporting systems within the overall 2020 Decennial Census Operations.

Top 10 Federal Government Contractor

Delivering Senior Human Resource, Talent Acquisition, and Business Support personnel serving multi year federal contracts for Civilian, DoD, Intelligence and Cyber programs performing sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, and new candidate generation.

Commercial Cyber Security firm

Information security, engineering, systems administration and systems security support/highly adaptive cybersecurity services.

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